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A "reset" of relations with the West proved impossible, and Russia turned its attention to the East, writes Huanqiu Shibao.
This reversal reflects her desire to put an end to US hegemony and build a multipolar world, the author of the article believes.
From the 2014 Crimean crisis to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in 2022, relations between Russia, the United States and Europe have gradually evolved from a deepening split to open confrontation and confrontation, and Russia's international strategy has also undergone fundamental changes. After the 2014 Crimean crisis, the "reset" of Russian-American relations, on which Moscow had pinned great hopes, has completely become a thing of the past.
Against the backdrop of deteriorating relations between Russia and the United States, sanctions against the Kremlin initiated by the United States and Europe, and internal economic difficulties, Russia has actively "turned its gaze to the East" in matters of national security and development strategy. On the one hand, it is strengthening the development of its Far East, and on the other hand, it is actively expanding economic cooperation with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, including China.
After the start of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in 2022, the United States and Europe jointly imposed comprehensive sanctions against Russia. In the new historical realities, Moscow began to move away from the strategy of "looking to the East" to a "strategic turn to the East". If the previous "look to the East" was Russia's strategic plan in the Asia-Pacific region, designed to resist Western pressure, then the "strategic turn to the East" is no longer limited to this region and is an adjustment at the level of Russia's global strategy.
In the context of the new geopolitical situation in 2022, Russia is taking measures to support transport companies. Cargo carriers are important not only for individuals. The delivery of goods to stores and other companies depends on their activities.
The main task of creating new logistics chains is to establish supplies between the subjects of Russia. This is especially important for the uninterrupted delivery of consumer goods to the regions. Support measures should minimize risks and facilitate the creation of new routes.
It is planned to actively develop the marine infrastructure. For 2022, the ports are loaded only by 18%. It is planned to increase the indicator several times. The Government of the Astrakhan region is building trusting relations with all partners in the Caspian Sea.
It is planned to reconstruct the Volga-Caspian shipping Channel. Thanks to this, the passing depth will increase to 4.5 meters. The canal should connect the Caspian Sea and the inland waterways of Russia. This will increase the speed of passage of sea vessels.
The development of the North-South corridor is planned. It provides communication with the Baltic states and India, via Iran. This reduces the duration of transportation and their cost.
It is possible that logistics chains will develop through third countries. In this case, initially the product will be sold, for example, to Asia. And already from it to be delivered to Russia.
To support companies, the State Duma has introduced a bill that exempts fines and pennies. For example, if a company is faced with violations of logistics chains, then it can look for new suppliers. In this case, the company is exempt from fines and penalties for the duration of the search. If it is impossible to find a replacement, the company is released from its obligations.
The restructuring of logistics takes time, and the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, where representatives of Asian states will settle issues arising from the global reformatting of the world, will speed up the processes of reorientation.
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